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The Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight is one of the best-selling items in Eachbuyer online store which has increased awesome popularity on account of its great price and reliable product quality. Presently, let’s see what this remarkable and great electric lamp is truly like.

The Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight is a top great item which is all around outlined. The material the Flashlight made of is superb 6061T aluminum compound, making the Flashlight to a great degree tough and strong for long time utilization. The light base of the Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight is CREE, high power LED, which makes the electric lamp has high vitality proficiency and long life compass.

The Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight which is available in Eachbuyer has five modes that are high, center, low, strobe and SOS. This Flashlight can create super splendid light for enlightenment. It can convey the light to the obscurity and show individuals the right course on their street. The Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight additionally has blinding impact, ready to be utilized for shielding individuals from the assault of creatures or awful gentlemen. It to some degree does incredible help to the security of individuals as it has SOS mode for looking for help. Plus, this Flashlight has click switch, making it simple and advantageous for down to earth utilization. By squeezing the switch, you are permitted to make full utilization of this Flashlight in view of your needs. This Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight is additionally versatile, acquiring conveying strap for simple conveying.

The Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight is especially practical in use. It can be utilized for both inside and outside exercises. As it is waterproof, the Flashlight can be utilized as a part of blustery or frigid days. Regardless of how terrible the weather is, The Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight can carry out its occupation for individuals, fulfilling the needs of distinctive individuals.


If you are interested in stocking one and knowing more information about this type of flashlight, here I will present you some specifications of this product:


  • Non-warm radiation, sheltered and steady, dependable
  • This suit accompanies chargers, battery and connector and so forth.
  • Hostile to intelligent aluminum combination covering makes it tough for long term utilization
  • A strap is given for helpful conveying
  • Included with variable center and waterproof execution
  • Immaculate suitable for family utensils, outside exercises, trekking, night angling, outdoors

Package includes:

  • x Flashlight
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x AAA Adapter
  • 1 x US AC Charger
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 1 x 18650 Battery Tube


  • Kindly don’t illuminate it to human eyes, particularly for youngsters, or else, it may bring about brief difficulty seeing for the cruel light of Flash lamps.
  • Try not to interfere with the head of light or separate the reflector and the knob
  • Wipe spotlight with delicate fabric after utilization
  • If there should arise an occurrence of disintegration bringing about harshness of the light developments, attempt to clear and air it.
  • Embed the batteries must be in view of the imprint to position the positive (+) and negative (- ) terminal.

Buy this Cree XML T6 2000lm Flashlight at Eachbuyer can not only let you enjoy big savings from your purchase but also guarantee you 365 days quality warranty. You can just buy with trust!

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