Your complete guide for homemade cleaning solutions

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– According to how much you`re mixing, you can get a truly powerful detergent for heavily soiled carpets and rugs. It comes to a solution of shampoo, baking soda and powder laundry detergent. The small amount of hot water will give you a thicker paste, which is perfect for rubbing and cleaning carpets with short fibers. By contrast, by thinning the paste with more hot water, you can get a perfect solution that can penetrate deeply into the base of the fibers and therefore to become the best way for deep cleaning carpets and rugs.

– The homemade solutions for leathered upholsteries may range from just cold soapy water to a special sanitizing agent with water and rubbing alcohol. It depends on the type of leather that you want to clean and how much it`s worn. There are also special pigmented solutions that can restore cracks and texture of the leathery upholstered objects. For example, for heavily soiled area with stains from tomato sauce, butter or so – a greater idea is to use the stronger detergent and to treat the spot as soon as it appears.

– For cleaning class surfaces like windows or mirrors, use a mixture of equal parts of only cold water and white vinegar. The key step here is to apply it thoroughly onto the windows with a soft clean cloth and to let it naturally evaporate for a minute or so. Thus, it dissolves the stains and meanwhile the freshly dry spots are much easier to clean with a paper towel or with another soft clean cloth.

– For removal of spills of coffee, tea and other drinks from hard floor coverings like tiles, laminate floorings, hardwood floorings, etc. – you may need to apply dishwashing detergent and hot water by dabbing only. The degreasing power of the detergent will help you to get rid of the stain, while the best way to prevent the rest of the clean area from smudging it with the dislodged dirt is just to begin rubbing the stain and wiping off the excess from the outer parts to the center.

– Oven cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks during the kitchen cleaning adventure. The oven, the stove and the other appliances that sea the greatest kitchen grease and dirt are more vulnerable to staining, although they are usually made out of stainless steel. To remove dry grease – a homemade detergent of baking soda, rubbing alcohol and boiling water is a great opt. Just make sure that the soda completely dissolves into the mixture before rubbing it onto the stain, in order to avoid scratching the metal surfaces with the abrasive soda particles.

Another thing to keep in mind are the tools that you use for the domestic cleaning. To ensure flawless results – make sure that the tools are harder than the stains, but softer than the treated surfaces of the objects. For example, a squeegee is one of the most handful tools for cleaning windows, while a grooming brush is perfect for cleaning grout lines and spot cleaning of fabric objects. The paper towels are also indispensable and they work well on all kinds of hard surfaces including wood, iron, glass, tiles, marble and more. Another great tool is actually a wax for polishing – applied with the right cloth or towel, it can restore shine and texture of the surfaces, as well as repels future stains and thus ensures a longer lasting clean look of the objects.

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