Saatva Successfully Challenging A Range Of Other Premium Mattresses

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Ecommerce has truly transformed the entire retail industry and even for products for which, brick and mortar shops are once considered absolutely necessary, the scenario has changed vastly! Earlier, mattress industry was dominated by only four or five dominant players whose mattresses are available for the consumer at an exorbitant pricing that too with poor customer service. You don’t have the necessary trial facility in spite of the fact that mattress is an expensive purchase and in case it does not fit well, you can do nothing at all!

Now, you can even spot a company selling mattresses entirely online that too with excellent customer service. Saatva is one such American mattress company that is posing a huge challenge for other mattress companies by its convenient pricings and excellent distribution network as well as a surprising 75 days trial. Founded by three entrepreneurs Ricky Joshi, Kris and Ron, enthusiastic to do something different by taking full advantage of the broken mattress industry, the company has grown by leaps and bounds since its establishment just a few years ago! What started as a small company has now a network of 12 factories and more than three dozens of distribution centers across the United States of America.

Achievements to name a few

In 2014, the company successfully generated a whopping 29 million dollar of revenue which is quite incredible for a start up and got featured on Forbes’ list of America’s most promising companies in 2015. It also got the prestigious BBB’s Award for Excellence in Website Marketing Message! You need to just type Saatva Reviews to know why it is the best mattress reviewed on Google for the year 2015 as the search results are just unending! It has achieved the impossible i.e. an average rating for 4.9 on over a large number of reviews, approximately more than 7000! No wonder, the company is growing by more than 200 percent in a single year and making other premium mattress companies restless because it has made the competition more than ever tough in the mattress industry.

The poor customer services of other mattress companies are simply now no more acceptable among the consumers who are used to extremely courteous customer services of Saatva like no cancellation fee if the delivery is cancelled one day before the delivery date, total refund of money if mattress is of wrong size and prompt emails for any query! Even a delivery can be rescheduled which is great and largely applauded in reviews over numerous review based sites. The direct line of contact established by the company has end the woes of customers who have for long experienced unanswered emails and phone calls whenever they face any problem after purchasing a mattress.

Undoubtedly, the company has carved a niche in the industry and in the hearts of millions of people within a short span of time which is amazing. The appreciation of the clients can be easily found on Saatva reviews posted online. The company is currently giving sleepless nights to its competitors in the luxury mattress segment.

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