Situations When You Might Need to Call an Emergency Plumber

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The modern plumbing system is designed with a variety of fail-safes in order to prevent serious issues. However, issues can arise from time to time in the plumbing system of any commercial or residential building. In case there’s a serious plumbing issue in your house, you might have to call an emergency plumber. Although emergency plumbing issues are far and few in between, they can wreak havoc on your property if they aren’t fixed on time. If there’s an emergency plumbing issue, you have to call a local emergency plumber right away. Here are a few of the many different situations for which you would have to call an emergency plumber right away.

Pipe Leakages

The entire backbone of the plumbing system in your house is the piping. With the passage of time, the pipes begin to corrode and if the surface corrodes considerably, the pipes will eventually begin to leak. The real problem arises when the leakage arises in a concealed pipe, such as one that runs under the floor or in between the walls. If you can see water stains on the floor or a stain on the walls, it’s a clear sign that there’s a water leak somewhere. You will need to call an emergency plumber right away. The water leakage can cause serious damage over time and it won’t be long before the paint begins to peel from the walls as well. First Call Emergency Plumbers is a reputable plumbing company that has plumbers available around the clock in case a problem arises.

Drain Pipe Blockage

Another problem that is quite common in many households throughout the UK is that of a blocked drain pipe. Drain pipe blockages occur due to a variety of reasons, the most frequent of which is when solid items are dumped in the drain pipes. In case there’s a blockage, the pressure in the drain pipes will continue to build up until eventually the pipes burst. This could prove to be a serious health hazard so you have to take action right away. If you notice a weird odour coming from under the floors where the drain pipes are, it’s generally better if you call a plumber to inspect the problem right away. If the drain pipes continue to leak, it won’t be long before a major sanitary problem rears its ugly head.

Plumbing issues are generally quite common in households and it’s important that you get them fixed right away. If you dally on the problem for too long, it can eventually grow into a much bigger issue that can actually cause damage to your property. You can call a plumber to get the problem resolved right away.

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