Strictly Come Dining: Five Things That Should Never Find Their Way Into Your Dining Room

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Even if your dining chairs are the most comfortable seating in the house, you might want to think twice before lingering at the table for longer other than at meal times if you don’t want to see it turning into a hodgepodge of unpaid bills, lego bricks along these things that would easily desecrate the initial purpose of your dining room:

1. Laptops

Some may call it multi-tasking or economy of time but even if we’re used to have our lunch at our desks at work, but since when dinners are ordered with a laptop on the side? We’ve all sinned when being all by ourselves but if you’re sharing the meal with other family members, be prepared for disapproving looks shot in your direction. And, if you were ever looking to teach your kids some table manners, well, you’ve started off on the wrong foot.

2. Books

If you were born back in the days kids still knew how to read, you probably remember how hard it was to put away a book once it had captured your attention, so you kept reading through the mealtime – and way past the bedtime. However, being all grown up now you should know better and stick a bookmark in whatever you’re reading and finishing your plate. Greasy finger marks don’t go well with books, nor do little splotches of sauce on their pages.

3. Toys

At a certain age, “feeding” your kid’s toys might be the only way of making their owners to eat some themselves, yet, once they get older, you shouldn’t allow your kids to turn the dining room into their playroom, first, to avoid the little toy trucks knocking over a glass or a salad bowl and, secondly, to show the respect to the cook. Letting them know that they’ll be able to resume their playing after their plates are cleared, could also ensure that they eat up instead of poking that suspicious-looking broccoli with their fork for ages.

4. TV

Eating while watching TV is not only impolite towards the others – it’s also slows digestion and can result in a higher calorie intake and, let’s admit it – for the most time there’s nothing worth watching on anyway! So, instead of trying to catch on with just another Mexican soap opera you’ve never really watched, why not use the time to find out more on what’s going on in your children’s lives?

5. Mobile Phones

Use of mobile phones (read smartphones) at our dinner tables has become such a common occurrence that most people even forget to apologise for it yet it still shouldn’t be made a norm. If you’ve successfully kicked out laptops of your dining rooms, why seek to replace them ASAP, by bringing in smartphones instead? Even if you’re not checking Facebook every five minutes or poking fun at others at the table through Fatify, texting, calling or even checking your phone is still equally annoying and would ruin the whole different experience. By keeping them in your pocket you’ll also prevent knocking it off you high gloss tables and ruining the night for yourself.

Can you think of any other gadgets that you wouldn’t want to see in your dining room? Share it below!

Five Things That Should Never Find Their Way Into Your Dining Room

Estelle Page is a self-employed interior designer whose dining table is often covered in stacks of papers and odds and ends. This year, she’s prepared to take some action. She blogs for for Great Furniture Trading.

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