Ways To Spruce Up Your Pad Using Lights

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When lighting is done right you hardly notice it. When it’s done exceptionally well, the feeling of a space can be greatly enhanced. And when it’s done wrong though, it can completely ruin the space you are in. Lighting a room to some is not a big deal. If all you need to do is see around the place some standard incandescent bulbs will do the trick just fine. But if you want to add that certain something (like a vibe, an aura, or an atmosphere) then being considerate and clever with your lighting choices can go a long way to achieving the desired effect. The trick with lighting is knowing what will best suit the room you wan to jazz up. Too little, and why bother making the effort in the first place? Too much, and you run the risk of entering into Christmas decoration territory. Think ‘what do I want to achieve with my lighting?’ There are certain areas you should consider.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Pad Using Lights

  1. The Occasion – Make sure the lighting is appropriate. Having a subdued night in with some friends? Opt for lighting with a warm tone. Get some lampshades to diffuse that blunt light and spread its rays in a tinted fan around the room. Then when the Saturday night film starts, drop the house lights down and switch to tactically-hung fairy lights to add a dash of mystique to the darkness.If you are going for more of a party vibe try adding some variety to the light sources you use. Position lamps to create bright spots where people can chat and see each other. Have other areas with lower light, using low-watt bulbs to create a more flirtatious atmosphere. Then perfectly light your dancefloor with more adventurous lighting options. Strobe lights and black lights anyone?
  2. Your Visitor – Think about how the lighting is going to make your guests look. Bright, harsh lights can make people feel uncomfortable. After all, who wants to feel like every wrinkle and blemish has been illuminated for all to see?Again, look for softer, warmer light. Think about bulb wattage, lampshades and other methods to filter the light so that it presents your guests in the best possible way. This can actively boost the confidence of your evening’s company and help build a comfortable atmosphere.
  3. The Purpose of the Space – This is very important. The lighting should fit the function of the room. If it’s a room where you need to see clearly as a matter of safety, such as a kitchen or bathroom, there should be an option for the lighting to be bright.Will the lights be on often or continuously in this room? Consider energy-saving and more energy efficient lighting options such as LED bulbs.

Remember, there is an array of lighting options out there for you to try out, so get adventurous! From your humble 60-watt bulb to LED, neon and beyond, lighting gives you an opportunity to get creative and express yourself. But what do you think? What is the best way to use lighting to make a room feel specia

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