The Essential Tool Kit

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Anyone moving out of their parents’ home for the first time will have a list as long as their arm of all the things they will need to furnish and live in their new flat. Things like crockery, bedding and towels are seldom forgotten, but one of the most common items which people forget, and soon find that they cannot do without, is a basic toolkit.

The Essential Tool Kit


There is no need to go overboard with an all-singing, all-dancing fancy toolbox with lots of drawers and gadgets. A very basic box with a clip lid and a tray which sits inside will do the job perfectly. These sorts of boxes are widely available from DIY stores and larger supermarkets and are also the perfect place to store items like lightbulbs, string and spare keys. Alternatively, put the word out among friends and family and see if you can beg or borrow a second hand toolbox to get you started.


One of the most basic of tools, a hammer is an essential piece of kit for hanging pictures, putting together flatpack furniture or putting shelves up and should be one of the first things in your new tool box. Don’t go for the cheapest, most flimsiest hammer in the shop, choose a mid-priced one which feels comfortable in your hand and doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s also wise to make sure it fits into your toolbox.


There are two main types of screwdriver, commonly known as crosshead and flat. They can be bought individually, but look out for boxed sets which contain screwdrivers of different sizes as having a selection will mean you always have the perfect tool for the job. Screwdrivers will be essential for putting together furniture and all of those minor DIY jobs around the house which need doing on a regular basis.


If you are intending doing more intense work on a new property, a good drill is going to be an essential piece of kit too. The two main choices are the traditional hand drills and the more modern electric drill. Hand drills will do all of the jobs you need to do around the house, but will involve more time and effort than the modern electric drill which will bore a hole in any material at the touch of a button. Get advice from the staff in the DIY store about what drill is most suitable for your needs. Also get advice on the sort of drill bits you require for the jobs you are thinking about doing.

Other Items

There are many other items which you could have in your toolbox and the choice will depend on what sort of work you are intending to do. A retractable measuring tape will be useful for measuring up windows for curtains or blinds, wrenches and spanners are helpful when trying to tighten up bolts and a spirit level is the ideal tool to make sure you have your new pictures hanging perfectly straight.

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