The Benefits of Safeguarding Landscapes with Protective Mats

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Ground protection mats are an ideal way to protect any type of terrain for a wide number of different reasons. Here are a few examples of why these mats are useful and how they could help.

Ground protection mats

Entertainment Settings 

Outdoor concerts are often done in areas that don’t have the best terrain or supporting heavy equipment. However, if you put these mats down, you can ensure that the ground stays the way it was when you got there, and that none of your equipment sinks into mud or falls with negative results to the ground, the people operating it, those watching nearby, or the equipment itself.

Many concerts require heavy speakers, for example. Many of them also require large sets and stages, and these are often propped up by legs that could easily wobble, sink into dirt or sand, or even tip over if the ground is too uneven.

Using protective mats helps to ensure that this doesn’t happen. This also applies for other entertainment venues as well. For example, if you’re shooting a commercial, a film, a news spot, or anything else that requires equipment to be setup remotely, you’re going to want to make sure you protect the ground if it’s uneven or unsuitable for any reason whatsoever.

Protective mats help to give you a degree of environmental control over events in entertainment. This also applies to trade shows, for example, People setting up booths outside aren’t going to want to deal with their tents constantly falling apart due to the ground not being suitable for taking poles for whatever reason. The mats can be instrumental when it comes to avoiding incurring any fees for tearing up fair grounds during the event.

Temporary Parking or Roads 

If you need to establish an area for cars to park on or drive through that isn’t conducive to this already, protective mats are an ideal way to handle it. The mats themselves are usually light weight, and they are usually rated up to a hundred tons or more depending on which ones you get.

Areas that have mostly sand, dirt, or mud are usually going to be absolutely awful when it comes to cars parking their or trying to drive over that area for any distance. This is precisely why the mats can help to make sure that cars and other vehicles don’t get stuck because there’s no hard surface to get a grip on. Many protective mats also have a special pattern on top to make it easier for vehicles to get a grip on the mats no matter what else is happening in the environment.

If it rains, for example, muddy areas are going to be even more difficult for vehicles to move through or park in. But a mat with a proper grip on it will still allow vehicles to move through anyway.

Drilling Operations 

One aspect of drilling for oil or water that’s often a concern is how the local environment is affected. Protective mats can help to ensure that the vehicles and equipment needed to set up and execute the drill aren’t going to also tear big holes in the ground. This also applies to any kind of mining operation as well. Ideally you’re going to want the holes you dig into the ground to only be in the area where you’re trying to retrieve materials. But dump trucks weighed down with heavy materials often tear up holes many other places as well.

Protective mats ensure that this doesn’t happen. They also give a clear path for vehicles to travel down so there’s no confusion and so the environment remains as intact as possible.

Other Uses 

The potential number of uses for protecting the landscape are nearly endless. It could be used to protect the ground under sporting arenas where bleachers have to go down, for example. It could be used to protect certain areas of parks where people are going to visit or where various equipment needs to go down such as speakers for music or announcements. Mats could help protect other parking areas such as for small airports that don’t have paved parking areas.

This especially applies to airport parking areas that pop up very quickly. These areas around small airports are often remote, so protecting the grass from potential damage could be important to the overall aesthetic of the area.

Any landscaping project could potentially use mats for protecting the areas that don’t require direct changes. They could be used also for any number of construction projects where you want to make sure that only the foundation or plot being worked on directly gets holes put in it. Heavy construction equipment tends to tear clods out of the earth when they’re riding over it directly, after all. The mats can go a long way towards making sure this type of damage doesn’t happen.

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