Two ways to make your house and garden looking like new

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If you doubt the summertime is the perfect time for house and garden renovation – check out the following two main tips and you can achieve a flawless new outlook for your flawless outdoor experience. It`s not only about planting more and more new plants or rearranging the pots so they change the view from your lounge chair. It`s also about the organization of the harmony between colors and shapes, flowers and textures… Take a look!

1) For a house in the woods, a great way for a renovation is to think of all the ways, tips and tricks that can enhance the sounds. For instance, only the natural sounds of the forest themselves are worth the renovation. A panoramic terrace with windows gives that flawless comfort and seclusion when constantly growing plants and flowers embrace all the surfaces, in a way that they perfectly coalesce with all the other natural colors of the woods. However, they act as a barrier for all the natural sounds and so you probably can`t clearly listen to the foxes, the owls and the other birds even if the windows are fully open. In this case, a great idea is to begin with a new planning of the terrace. A great idea is to imaginary divide in half or at least leave one empty corner without plants growing on the window frames or dozens of pots with flowers onto the sill. Renovate this place by replacing most of the objects in the other part of the terrace. Clean all traces of sand, leaves and dirt, then thoroughly clean the windows so to ensure a truly impeccable day view. Rearrange the opposite part of the terrace with all the flowers and plants as beautiful as you like it. You may need to call a professional cleaning agency in Harrow for the cleaning the delicate leaves and plants, or else – do it by yourself. Add another few new objects like а decorative basket with flowers and decorative tomatoes, for example, and enjoy the renovated look of your terrace, especially the clearer sounds of the wild animals in the nighttime. The same way for a renovation can be applied to the windows of the bedroom as well.

2) Renovation of the poolside is the next important highlight in this list, which is definitely a thing to put high on the agenda. It may include only a simple addition of a couple new lounge chairs, or a small scenic pavilion for lunch with a view of the pool. On the other hand, you can add a completely new decorative lake to the garden – a pool with fish and bordered by flowers, ornate by a cascading fountain of four or five vases, etc. Fast clean after finishing with the renovation and enjoy this new beautiful addition to your garden. Another great hint for a bungalow, cottage or another small private house with a poolside is only to refresh the look via small cocktail table with chairs for all your family members and friends, especially if the poolside has a porch or the doors of the cottage open right to the poolside. Thus, you can easily break the rules by adding a small exotic rug or a carpet right next to the poolside. It alters the mood and it softens the transition between indoor and outdoor dimensions. Read more at:

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