The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Install A Freestanding Bath

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Once the tub of choice for celebrities and the like, freestanding baths are now widely available for the rest of us. So, if you want to pick an eye-catching bathtub for your new bathroom, it is well worth looking at a freestanding tub as your choice.

A Freestanding Bath

Space, Space And More Space

Many people might feel a freestanding tub is only for people that have bathrooms of an ample size. However, this is no longer true. Of course with more space you can certainly have a little more fun with the layout of your new bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with the space you have. In fact by installing this type of tub you will often find yourself seemingly surrounded by more space than you thought possible.

Great Looking Taps

One of the great things about freestanding baths is the amazing array of accompanying taps you can have with them. Not all of the tub designs are made to have the taps drilled into the unit, instead offering you the chance to look at some stunning looking freestanding taps. Of course, the option is available for typical tap fittings on many of the tubs available if you think your bathtub already does the talking for you without the need for freestanding taps to add a further explanation mark on things. It is well worth checking with the company providing your bathtub as to whether you are able to fit taps or not.

Digging The Tile Style

With many bathtubs the tiling and style of the bathroom itself is lost under and around the tub due to it sitting on the floor and using the floor space. This means that you can get a little more adventurous with your choice of floor tile as the pattern will stand out, wherever you opt to put the bath.

Going Old School

Some of the freestanding baths on the market have a very vintage style about them, mixing in the use of clawfeet or dragon feet they can really give your bathroom an old school vibe if you prefer to go down that route with your designs. Along with the vintage look you can also through some classy additions to the bathroom that work perfectly with a freestanding bath. For example you could through in a classy chandelier unit instead of a typical bathroom feature, or even have steps up to the bath. This could be anything from stone to typical steps, but with the freestanding bath the creative design is up to you.

Why Not Go A Step Further

If you’re thinking of steps or something similar to truly make your new bath stand out in all senses of the word, why not go a step further and incorporate a design that makes your bathroom look like a homespa.

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