Enhance The Beauty Of Your Outdoors With Garden Wall Fountains

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There are more aspects to completing a gorgeous garden than merely planting flower or vegetables. All over the world, gardening enthusiasts design and create luxurious garden scenes for all who visit to enjoy. The type and layout of a garden ultimately depends on the ambiance the gardener would like to portray. Many gardeners are now considering installing wall fountains into their gardens as a way to incorporate serenity into their landscapes.


Wall fountains can come in many shapes and sizes. The size of the fountain you choose will be in direct relation to the size of your garden or the display you are choosing to showcase. If you decide to incorporate your wall fountain onto a fence behind a flower bed or as a way to add subtle décor to your landscape, you may want to purchase a smaller fountain. If you have a flexible budget and a greater area of space, a larger, free-standing wall fountain may be more practical. Larger wall fountains can also double as either a border to separate areas of your garden, or a pond where a number of animals may call home. Whether it acts as a bird bath or a koi pond, a free-standing wall fountain can add an extra component of scenery to your garden.


While the material that your wall fountain is made of will be based on your personal preference, this can also be based on the overall style or theme of your already existing garden. Common materials used for garden wall fountains are stone, slate, copper, glass, and brick. Many of these elements can already be found in your garden as walking paths, pots used for plants or flowers, and already existing walls. It is up to the discretion of the gardener to incorporate similar material into their garden, or to integrate a new design. A copper fountain can add an element of antiquity to your garden, while a slate wall fountain can be a modern touch to your landscape. If you would like your wall fountain to display a specific theme it can be purchased with engravings or symbols featuring historical figures, ancient etchings, or religious motifs.

Areas of Caution

If you plan to share your garden with any number of living organisms such as birds, deer, and children, it would be wise to ensure that the water in your wall fountain is properly maintained at all times. Water filtration systems can be purchased both with and in addition to the wall fountain of your choosing to keep it free from contamination in the event that it is consumed. Plankton, bacteria, and other microbes do not necessarily require stagnant water to thrive. The running water found in your garden wall fountain can also be susceptible to these microscopic creatures and have the potential to make the consumer very ill. It is wise to invest in animal safe cleaning products to guarantee the safety of the small animals who visit your backyard oasis, or curious children who may want to closely inspect your fountain. When considering adding a wall fountain to your garden, remember that it will require similar care and maintenance to that which is offered to the plants and flowers residing in your yard. It is important to service it often and properly to ensure that it is running at optimum capacity at all times.

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Trisha Benner is a freelance outdoor lifestyle blogger. She recently added several garden and Tabletop Fountains to her backyard patio, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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