Home Decoration: How To Improve It With Lighting

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The power of lighting

Lighting is a key factor of a high quality interior design project. There are many elements determining the look of a room, ranging from the colour of the furniture to upholstery fabrics. However, what determined the overall atmosphere is the light and its properties. Depending on the hues and on the intensity of different types of lights, different atmosphere can be created in your home environment. This is the reason why the properties of light are carefully analysed by interior designers who specialise in lighting design.

Create a suggestive atmosphere

A popular option to light up a room is using a soft light. This way you can create a cosy atmosphere but also highlight dark tones. Soft lights are ideal to set tons, which makes them essential to make the most of your home environment. Opting for a diffuse, soft lighting can create a pleasant balance between soft and dark colours. Because of the impact this type of lighting has on the room  it is largely recommended by expert interior designers.  To make the most of your home it is preferable to avoid using a single source of light. Light coming from different sources is essential to determine the atmosphere of a room. It is especially true in case you need to create a relaxing atmosphere. In this case, you would probably wish to opt for a specific lighting scheme aimed to provide a soft lighting without reducing the amount of light. An efficient way to achieve this result is using wall lights. This way, you can create a cosy atmosphere but at the same time make the room look bright. Wall lights can provide the necessary amount of light into a room and allow you to highlight the detailes of the room decoration, which won’t be possible with simple overhead lights.

Tips to bring the right light into your home

You can opt for efficient, alternative ways of lighting a room. You might fear that it will result in an unpleasant effect, but by following some tips you can achieve an effective lighting. A good choice is to combine soft overhead lights, preferably downlighters, with other sources of light placed around the room. If you don’t want to use simple table lamps and wish to experiment something different, you might try indirect lighting. You might, for example, light up the front of a bookcase. Bring as much light as you can into your home. Light-coloured curtains and white windows are perfect to make a room look more airy and allow tiny rooms look bigger. To achieve this result, you don’t necessarily have to install huge windows. Of course the bigger are the windows, the more light will come in. However, medium-size windows are good enough to light-up your home properly and create a more open feel in a small room.

bring the right light

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