How New Jersey Painters Can Improve Your Lawn

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Do you want a lawn that looks as green as the Rutgers University football stadium?  Do you have the worst-looking yard in your neighborhood, but you don’t have time to re-sod and grow new, heartier grass?  You might be surprised to find out that you can contact New Jersey painters to help you with your lawn.

What You Need to Know About Lawn Paint

This is a process that has been done professionally by sports stadiums such as the Rutgers University teams to keep their playing fields looking nice.  It gives your lawn a beautiful appearance when the weather has turned it brown and ugly.
Lawn paint is made of safe ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for people and animals once the paint has dried.  It is a dye that is sprayed onto the grass and can be adjusted to get the color you want.

How To Apply the Lawn Paint

You can hire New Jersey painters to paint your lawn or you can apply the product yourself if you have a sprayer.  You will need a fresh mowed lawn that has been raked and dried before you begin spraying the lawn paint.

  • Choose a day that is sunny with very little chance of rain and no wind.
  • Mix the paint with water according to the directions on the product you choose.
  • Wait until after the dew has dried off the grass and keep all pets inside until the product has dried.
  • Spray a small area of the yard to make sure you have control of the sprayer and the results are what you want.
  • Cover the area that you don’t want to get sprayed, such as a patio or sidewalk.  You can wet it down to keep it from staining or use plastic to cover it.
  • Stay about 6 to 8 inches from the ground with your sprayer.  Use a grid pattern when you spray so that you will hit the area from all angles.
  • If you are just spraying a small area, make sure it blends with the greenery around it.
  • Clean your sprayer after every use so that it is ready for next time.

Let New Jersey Painters Paint Your Lawn

Many New Jersey painters have added lawn painting into their list of services that they provide homeowners.  This allows you to have the work done by a professional company and they handle the painting work.  They clean up and protect your property that you don’t want green and all you have to do is enjoy the results. The painted lawn will last until you mow since it is permanent.  It is ideal to use at the end of summer to keep your lawn looking nice through autumn.  You will find this especially beneficial if you are planning to sell your house.  A green lawn will attract more buyers and can garner you a better price. While it can be cheaper to do the painting job yourself, it is easier to use a professional company like New Jersey painters to do the work.  They will know the correct mixture to get the right color regardless of the current condition of your lawn.  It will also take them less time since they will already know how to use the equipment and can guarantee the results you are looking for.  

Lawn Paint

Lawn painting is one method to make your lawn stand out among your neighbors in a good way without the extra effort of landscaping.  You can contact one of several New Jersey painters and make an appointment.  You will end up with a beautiful green lawn into the winter months with no extra work.

Olger Fallas is a house painter in New Jersey.

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