Tips for Growing Weed Efficiently

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If you’re thinking you’re the only one facing this problem, think again. There are many people who want to grow weed for various reasons. A lot of trouble comes in when people start to research for avenues which can provide them with genuine information. We provide you with information which will prove to be helpful to the best of our knowledge and efforts.

First and foremost, you need to determine why you are growing weed. If the sole purpose is for fun and getting high, you may plant any seed and carry on the steps mentioned ahead to get “pot”. However, if the purpose of growing weed is solely medical, then you need to be careful in what you`re planting.

Growing Weed Efficiently

Which Seed to Plant?

Growing weed for medical purposes first and foremost requires a prescription from a qualified doctor. Once you have a prescription, you may proceed. The two prominent types of seeds available are Indica and Sativa. Indica is a relaxant which may be used to produce weed as a pain management supplement. Sativa, on the other hand, is more useful for medical conditions such as nausea, epilepsy, migraine and much more.

Once the type of seed is decided, you may pick up any desired choice you’ve made. Go for the hybrid type of seeds since they have a greater yield and they grow faster.

Germinate the Seed

The first step to grow marijuana properly is to find a place with sunlight. In order for the growth of marijuana to be proper, it needs to receive an ample amount of sunlight. Estimated 6 hours of sunlight is required by the marijuana plant in order to nourish, whether it be outdoors or in a greenhouse.

You need to germinate the seeds first, so the first step in this regard is to place the seeds in a glass of water and leave them for up to 3 days until you see a strand popping out of it. Next, you must decide if the marijuana is to be grown in organic or chemical soil. Simply plant the germinated seed in either type of soil and watch the seed slowly grow.

Soil Combination for Marijuana Plantation

The soil needs to be aerated, fluffy and wet. Make sure you mix the soil well as per the requirements till the desired mixture is achieved. The seed must be planted inside and covered, and once a plant appears to grow out of the soil, you may prepare fertilized soil and place it in a large pot.

The setup for your weed plant must contain a balanced nutritional value. Make sure the soil receives water, fresh air and sunlight regularly. Also keep check if the temperature is too warm or cold. Inadequate exposure to any of the natural elements of growth may stun the plant’s growth or not yield the desired results.

Don’t Experiment, Do Research

The growth of the plant typically takes 4-12 weeks during which you must be vigilant. Don’t try to experiment on your plant and waste it while it is growing. Growing weed on your own can be a fun and learning experience, providing you with a limitless supply at a very cheap investment. If you’re unsure about something, Google things but do not risk your plantation. Once you get a hold of the growing technique, you will achieve self-sufficiency very quickly.

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