What You Need To Know About Building a House in Bromley

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In Bromley, certain buildings are not required to obtain the Building Regulation Approval. The exemptions that are applicable are listed below. Unless and until the electrical work of one of these buildings comes from the inside, you would not have to apply for any approval. The approval need not be procured in case of the electrical work in the buildings is self-certified by a competent person, who is registered, either.

Integrated Construction

The exemptions are as follows:

  • Small, detached buildings with a single storey such as sheds, garages, and greenhouses, which contain no accommodation for sleeping and an area that is not more than 30 m. square in floor area and if the building is less than 1 metre square from the boundary and built of substantially non-combustible material.
  • A conservatory or a greenhouse built at the ground level with an area of not more than 30 metre square. Separation between the house and the conservatory to remain, i.e. doors and windows. Glazing indoors or at a low level must be done in safety glass as recommended by the supplier or manufacturer.
  • A carport open on at both the sides, the floor area of which should not exceed 30 metre square
  • A porch, where the floor area is not more than 30 metre square and where the separation between the house and the porch will remain.

When you carry out any of the above building work, it can lead to disputes with the building control regulations. Instances of where this might occur and which you should consider are:

One or more of the above-mentioned buildings being:

  • Built over a sewer without adequate protection being provided to either the sewer or the building.
  • Built so that it encloses flues, extract fans, etc.
  • Erected in such a position that would hinder the emergency egress from an escape or emergency window.
  • Erected in close proximity to or right on the boundary. Party Wall agreements have to be considered in case of closeness of any foundations

Other instances of works that could cause problems with your building and that may not come under the purview of the Building Control Authority are:

  • Adding floor screed to a balcony, which could increase loading and reduce the height of a safety barrier;
  • The removal of a mature tree from near your building or neighboring buildings, where the soil is of clay that is shrinkable by nature.
  • The removal of self-closing devices on the doors in the building that are designed to protect an escape route of travel;
  • The removal of a non-loadbearing wall or partition, which has been assigned for fire safety.

You may require applying for Planning Permission for any construction or development of any of the above structures. This is quite different from the Building Regulations and you would need to apply for it separately. Always make sure you contact the Planning Officer in order to discuss a proposed development of any nature or size. You should make this contact before you can apply for the Building Regulations or before making any application related to it.

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