Tips To Properly Dress Up A Diminutive Living Room

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The living room is perhaps one of the multifunctional spaces in the house. It works as the family room, lounge, entertainment area and, in some cases, it doubles as a dining area and home office. But, what if you are stuck with a small living room? Is it possible to relegate those functions to the room and still make it an aesthetically pleasing space? The answer is a resounding yes. Decorating a small living room that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing is, without a doubt a, challenge. However, it surely is achievable. With proper play on scale and proportion, a know-how on multi-purposing and the use of right materials, you can turn your cramped living space into a socially magnetic room. Below are some tips to get you started.

A Diminutive Living Room

Take advantage of architecture

Usually, small living rooms offer hints how you can improve both their function and style. For instance, if your living space has an underutilized nook, take advantage of it by turning it into an additional seating space. Simply tuck in a bench and throw in some pillows for comfort. If you have an interesting feature like a coffered ceiling, draw the eye towards it by hanging a chandelier.

Emphasize the vertical

A particularly small room will benefit from an added height to create the illusion of spaciousness. Hence, invite the eye to move above and below the eye level by decorating your way up. Mount window treatments at a height (preferably just below the ceiling beams) to make the window appear taller. Don’t forget to dress up the walls, too. You can arrange a group of photographs, reaching up to the height of the ceiling or add a picture rail molding where you can hang the frames in place. For maximum function, instead of using a bank of cabinets that eat up space, go for hanging shelves.

Think cozy

Make a compact living room feel more homey by packing small seats closely together. For instance, you can combine a love seat and two chairs instead of using a sectional sofa. The key to keep in mind when choosing furnishings for a tiny living room is to pick pieces whose profiles are appropriate for the scale of the space: no bulky backs or beefy arms. Also, when arranging the furnishings, direct traffic around the conversation area rather than through it.

Go light

In order for accessories not to consume a lot of visual space, combine pieces whose colors are light and easy on the eyes. A small living room will feel constrained if it is outfitted with items that are too dark. Also, to further help make the room feel spacious, avoid blocking the windows with heavy treatments. Go for light fabrics to allow natural light in. When done correctly, your light-colored accents will help bounce off the natural light coming from the windows to the rest of the room.

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