Top 3 Domestic Roofing Maintenance Tips

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When summer approaches, you should take this time to examine the condition of your roof. You can get the ladder out of the shed and have a look for any problems, or you can get in touch with a roofing expert and have them assess the structure in a professional capacity. Whether you need new shingles or a gutter replacement in Oxford, you’ll require help from an experienced roofer. You can always try to repair the roof by yourself, but this holds a number of problems.

  • Easy to fall with inappropriate safety equipment
  • A professional will guarantee quality workmanship
  • You don’t have to risk injury or a serious accident
  • A professional knows what material is best for specific jobs

If you wish to repair or maintain your roof without the help of a professional roofer, make sure you choose a mild day with zero chance of precipitation and no wind.

1. Inspections

It is best to inspect your roof every 6 months to see if you can identify any damage, you should be looking for things such as loose shingles, sagging gutters or missing flashing. If you see something that you think needs attention, call a professional and have it dealt with promptly.

2. Gutters

Your gutters are vitally important, if they are left alone and never cleaned, they’ll quickly fall apart and cause problems.

3. Debris

Get rid of any moss or algae that starts to accumulate on your roof. In addition, trim branches which overhang the structure. If they break in a storm, they could damage your roof.

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