Top 3 Interior Decorating Themes

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Good interior design isn’t rocket science. At the same time, it’s not just about choosing the right curtains, colors and furniture pieces. It goes beyond that. It not only has to be stylish, but also has to be thematic and consistent.

When it comes to choosing the best interior decorating themes, a lot of people get confused and are clueless about the type of approach they should be taking. What they forget is interior decorating themes are different than your outdoor decorating themes. You have to choose one that beautiful and trendy at the same time. In the following article we discuss a few popular interior decorating themes that will be appropriate in all circumstances…


Minimalism is exactly what it says – getting rid of all the excessive, needless items and focusing on functional furniture and decorations. One of the reasons why you might want to go for the minimalist theme is because it gives each of your rooms air and a strong sense of lightness.

Colors are simple and plain when it comes to minimalism. While black is usually used sparingly, white is mostly predominant. Here you use highly pale shades that make the interior look/feel roomier. If you love spacious rooms without much clutter and too many accessories, this theme is for you.


There’s no doubt about the fact that the Victorian style is highly popular today, even though it’s the opposite of the minimalist interior decoration. Even though the world has advanced with modern technologies in place, the Victorian style is still thriving. It has truly stood the test of time. Victorian art was developed in the time period of 18th – 19th centuries.

The reason why it works so well for many is that it has a highly luxurious and decorated feel to it. The furniture used is pretty lavish along with the different types of decorations that are used to get the authentic look. When talking about the colors, Victorian interior design is vibrant and stylish. The colors are not at all light but in fact are very deep/saturated. While very bright shades don’t go with this theme since you need to go soft, gold and dark red work perfectly well.


Want to make your interiors highly cozy/relaxing? Then going for a romantic interior design theme will help you do just that. For instance, a bedroom that is romantically styled will encourage more proximity and intimacy between the partners. It’s a really soothing theme if that’s what you’re looking for.

The colors for this theme are usually warm and soft. Think pastel shades. So everything from orange to red to pink will work great for the romantic theme. Also, when choosing the furniture to go with the theme, you need to be careful because any furniture you choose should be highly comfortable. Furniture that embraces your body and lets you sink so that you can relax after a long, busy day. Using well-placed mirrors along with some stylish designer curtains will let you add a better appeal to this theme.

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Last but not the least, use potted flowers and scented candles to add to the overall romantic atmosphere. Remember, the more romantic it is, the better.

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