Visiting POZZALLO and spots near it

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When visiting southern Italy and you plan to go to Pozzallo, it is a wise choice and with lots of fun packages for you.

Pozzallo is a town in the province of Ragusa, Sicily. Its beaches have been awarded as amongst world’s top beaches because it meets with the strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. Only few beaches in Sicily have received the Blue Flag award, including the four located in Pozzallo. This town is a famous spot to visit during the summer as it attracts many tourists from all over the world including folks from America, France, Australia and other parts. The exciting and interesting memorable time to go to Pozzallo is during Ferr’Agosto – a period which is around 2nd-3rd week of August and a time where everyone sleeps on the beaches overnight, camping and having bon fires.


Pozzallo is the only maritime town in Ragusa and is the second Italian town where the sun gleams with more intensity for several days during the year. It is also laden full of squares, green area, bicycle lanes and pedestrian areas. You will enjoy its typical Sicilian recipes with fresh fish also with its superb coffee Bars, pubs and shops. The weather, sunny almost all the year, allows you to stay on the beach from April to October.

Pozzallo is also a major port which creates the link between Sicily and Malta for travelers on a catamaran service.

In Pozzallo, Ragusa is a spot you should find yourself at as it is an important winery located in the heart of the Sicilian Baroque on the south-eastern point of Sicily with parts of Africa also seen from the design to the vegetation (olive groves, carob and almond trees, vineyards) to the colorful red, ocher, and yellow environs. All of the wines here are originally brewed from the exclusive selection of the world’s best grapes. Also travel the country roads from Ragusa to Santa Croce Camerina and appreciate the Donnafugata Castle, an impressive construction immersed in one of the most reminiscent carob woods in the whole province. Then take a further trip the historical town of Ibla to appreciate the wide array of Baroque architecture, including several magnificent palaces and churches.

Visiting Noto is also fun as it has one of the most beautiful baroque towns built up. This town belongs to the UNESCO heritage. Particularly exciting are the town hall and the cathedral, which can be found on the “Piazza del Municipio”.

One more is adventuring SIRACUSA, the greatest city of Magna Graecia. You can move through the streets of Ortygia Island, aka the heart of the city center and enjoy a collective boat excursion around the island of Ortygia to admire the city and the Castle. Also take a stop to the Archaeological Park for an independent visit to the Greek Theatre, the Roman Anphitheatre and the Paradise Quarry. Noto is known as island of currents, the most southern tip of Sicily, where you can admire the meeting between the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea.

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