3 Common A/C Problems You May Encounter

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Being a homeowner can be a very hard job but one that has its rewards as well. As a homeowner you will face a number of different issues with your residence, which can become a bit stressful at times. Among the most common problems you will face will be with your HVAC unit. The older your unit gets, the more problems you will start to notice with it. When you are faced with issues with your unit, you need to call in a professional immediately to assess the problems. Here are a few of the most common problems you will face with your air conditioning Suwanee.

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Water Leaks

One of the most little known facts about an a/c system is the amount of water and moisture it creates. The reason why most people do not know about this is due to the good job the unit does of keeping the water drained. The drain for your system is usually located on the outside of your home, which means it is susceptible to getting clogged by dirt and other debris. If your unit is starting to leak, then the first thing to do is check the drain.

Constant On and Off Cycling

Another very common issue you may face with your unit is the constant cycling of the a/c on and off. If you start to notice that your unit doesn’t stay running very long, then you may need to have your coils cleaned. Over time, the condenser coil of your unit will begin to collect dust. The longer the dust is allowed to sit, the more problems you will start to have. By having a professional clean them on a regular basis, you will be able to avoid problems like this.

No Cool Air

Yet another very common problem you may face with your HVAC unit is a lack of cold air. In most cases, this issue is caused by a refrigerant leak. In order to get the leak fixed, you will need to have a professional troubleshoot the problems. They will be able to put dye through your system in order to find out where the refrigerant is leaking from. This will allow them to fix the issue and get your system back to running at peak performance. The money you pay them for their services will be more than worth it.

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