What Equipment Does a Tree Surgeon Use?

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Tree surgery is a dangerous business, and working with chainsaws at height leaves no room for error. Add to that the potential danger to property and people, and you have a very dangerous scenario. Here are a few of the essential items a tree surgeon would use.

  • Spikes – Strapped to the calf area, the spikes allow the specialist to dig into the trunk of the tree, giving himself support and leverage.
  • Ropes, Pulley and Harnesses – Years ago, the tree surgeon would take his life into his own hands on a daily basis, by climbing tree with no safety rope. Ask any experienced tree surgeon in Bournemouth, and they will confirm that these items are standard.
  • Chainsaws – The tree surgeon would have 3 or 4 saws, a small one for working at height, and a couple of large chainsaws for use on the ground.
  • Long Handled Pruning Saw – For those small branches that are extended too far, this handy tool makes pruning much easier.
  • Protective Gear – A hardhat, ear defenders, goggles and a think overall, are all found in a tree surgeon’s van and he wears them when working. Steel toe cap boots are a must, and gloves are often worn.
  • Special Tool Belt – This allows a lot of small tools to be at hand, and working at height means you have to have a lot of implements on your person. This belt would hold a small axe, sharpening files for the chainsaw, some resin to coat cuts, and other things he might need.

The tree surgeon cannot afford to be complacent, and he typically spends more time at height than on the ground, and with a trusted team of assistants, he can handle large tree removal in any environment.

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