Tips for Designing a Small Kitchen

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The kitchen is the one room in the house that tends to be restrictive, whether a narrow or a square room, a limited space kitchen needs to be designed accordingly. Here are a few tips from the professionals that might help to create a functional kitchen.

  • Compact Containers– They come in plastic, and if you find sets that are the right size, these containers can be put to very good use, storing rarely used items. Sliding doors are preferred for obvious reasons, and choosing a contrasting colour to the floor will add some depth to the room.
  • Relocate the Washing Machine– If the washing machine can be moved to the exterior, near the back door, this will free up valuable floor space. Of course, this will involve a little plumbing and renovation, but if at all possible, having the washing machine outside the back door will bring benefits.

If you get your initial design right, a small kitchen can be very functional and visually appealing, especially if it is installed by professionals. Use the walls wisely, and the cabinet inner doors can serve to hang kitchen implements, which can be easily accessed. Narrow floor cabinets will give you a little more floor space, or you could do away with floor level cabinets altogether, and install wall-mounted units with sliding doors.

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