What To Consider When Buying A Home Requiring Renovations

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House hunting can be an exciting time in your life.  When looking for your first home, it can also prove very stressful.  You may have an idea of what you are looking for, but there is constantly new information to consider, and each house will have its own list of considerations to bear in mind.  When you are looking to buy a house that requires renovations, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

A Home Requiring Renovations

What Does Your Township Require?
What many young people may not realize when they begin looking for a house is that they are on a schedule for the repairs that are required.  As you look at a house and size up each room, thinking about how you would arrange your furniture and paint the walls, understand there are other things that must come first.  Most townships require you to have certain items up to their specifications in order to live there.  If the house is currently unoccupied, you may face a checklist of things such as smoke detectors, electrical certification, plumbing inspection, and a roof inspection.

Who Do You Know?
When faced with the realization that several of the houses you are looking at require a good amount of work, you need to ask yourself two questions.  The first is whether or not you can still afford it with the repairs.  (You may be able to negotiate the price down based on this information.)  The second is who you know who can assist you in repairing the house.  You don’t need to be personal friends with these people, but simply knowing someone who works in home repairs that is honest and reliable can have a huge impact on your repairs.  If you do know anyone personally who you can talk to about the projects that need to be completed, even better.

What Can You Do?
With a little of bit of reading and a good amount of work, you may be able to finish several of the projects in the house on your own.  Provided that permits aren’t required, you can probably grab a friend or family member, and finish some of the work on your own.  Start by picking up supplies such as a basic tool set, waterproof work gloves, and work boots.  Grab some old clothes out of your closet that you don’t care about, and some drop clothes or plastic bags to keep your floor & furniture clean.  Do what you can, but understand your limits, and contact a professional if you run into something you don’t understand.  Not only will this work save you money, but it will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and familiarity with your new home.

By taking into account these three important considerations, you can remain assured that the home you choose suits you best.

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