How To Make Your Pool Sparkle

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In Austin, the summers are long and blistering hot. A swimming pool can be a wonderful luxury and a great way to enjoy a summer day when otherwise you would be hiding indoors with air conditioning. Swimming is also great exercise and, of course, great fun.  So, it’s no surprise that so many families have their own swimming pools in Austin and many more decide to put them in every year. But if you own your own pool, learning proper maintenance is a must, both to keep the pool beautiful and to avoid having to call a pool repair service. Luckily, pool maintenance is relatively simple. Here are the main things to keep in mind:

Make Your Pool Sparkle

Treat the Water. It’s easy to overlook or let it go, but maintaining the right chemical balance in your pool is crucial to keeping it clean and safe. Over the long term, it will also prevent damage to the lining of above-ground pools. You should have a kit that lets you test your pool’s PH once a week. Add chlorine tablets on a regular schedule and use a liquid algae inhibitor to prevent the buildup of unsightly and unsafe algae.

Vacuum Weekly. Vacuuming is the number one thing we see pool owners skip, and that is the reason you see so many pools where you really don’t want to let your feet touch the bottom. Any gunk that falls into a pool will eventually make its way to the bottom. And, when the debris builds up, it becomes downright unpleasant. Consider that dead bees or wasps, or even sharp stones, can sometimes end up down there too. Isn’t it worth 30 minutes a week to vacuum your pool?

Cover Properly. Using a pool cover is one pool tip that’s actually easy and saves you time. Keep a cover on your pool any time you aren’t using it. A simple bubble cover will do the trick as it is easy to take off or put on, and it will keep the majority of leaves and debris out of your pool. Bonus: it also helps keep the water warmer.

Don’t forget winterizing. Winters are mild in Austin. A hard freeze is rare. However, it does happen. More importantly, winters are cold enough that you won’t be using your pool in winter – so there’s no point keeping it open and doing weekly maintenance for months of non-use. We recommend draining your pool and putting a winter cover on it during the months you know you won’t use it.With a little knowledge and planning, pool maintenance is easy – and it gives your pool greater longevity.  You can always call for pool maintenance or pool repair when needed.

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