Why is it Important to Know Different Types of Fire Extinguishers?

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In case we have a fire-fighting tools contest for popularity, the leading contender will be fire extinguishers. This equipment can be found in almost all homes and commercial facilities. Because of different fires, there are different fire extinguishers.  Knowing every attribute of each fire extinguisher is essential in extinguishing fire arsons. More importantly, using the wrong extinguisher poses a severe threat to your safety.

The different types of extinguishers include:

  1. Water fire extinguisher

This extinguisher is water-based, and it’s designed to extinguish class A fires. Class A fires are those fires that from organic solids such as paper, clothing, wood, and furnishings. Never use these kinds of extinguishers on other fires. For instance, if you use it in the electrical fire, it will grow the fire.

     2. Foam fire extinguisher

Foam fire extinguishers are intended for Class B fires. These are fires that have originated from overheated flammable liquids such as oil, paints or petrol. The extinguisher is ideal for businesses and stores of such liquids.

    3. Dry powder extinguisher

This kind of extinguisher is designed for class C fires. Fires from overheated flammable gases such as propane, butane, and methane can be quickly be dealt with dry powder extinguishers.

   4. Powder fire extinguisher

It is also known as ABC extinguisher, that’s it can multitask. It can put off Class A, B and C fires. It’s versatile equipment.

   5. Specialist powder fire extinguisher

The specialist powder fire extinguisher is designed for fight class D fires. These fires are from metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and titanium.

   6. Carbon dioxide extinguisher

This is the safest extinguisher for electrical fires. Electrical fires can be as a result of different things such as faulty wires, loose connection, overloaded sockets and malfunction of appliances or devices.

Why is important to know various types of extinguishers?

  1. Safety

Safety is the main reason why you should know these extinguishers, using unintended extinguisher endangers you, your family and the property you want to salvage.

   2. Degree of effectiveness

Using a correct type of extinguisher eliminates chances of the fire being successful. Using wrong extinguisher results into growing of the fire.

   3. Right option buy

If you are aware of different kinds of fire extinguishers, you are in a position of knowing the best for your home or business. You save yourself from the agony of going through various extinguishers to pick one.


Fire safety is a broad topic, to be fire safe; you need to know many things regarding it. One of the most critical components in this industry is types of fire extinguishers. There are various types of fire extinguishers as mentioned above, and all of them serve specific roles. You should use the equipment for its designed purpose, failure or diverting it to other functions threatens your safety in the entire exercise. You should be sound mind when putting off the fire, don’t involve yourself in putting off the fire when you are intoxicated.

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