Beautify Your Home Decor By Choosing Right Type Of Furniture

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Furniture is known to add a new charm to your home decor. If you try to incorporate a set of classy furniture you will find the difference that it made to your overall interior. Well, apart from increasing aesthetic appeal it should also save you from huge maintenance cost. Durability is highly dependent on the wood type that you are choosing for your furniture. Generally, hardwoods are preferred for furniture as they are considered as durable and have a high resistance power.

Reasons For Choosing Teak Wood

Furniture can be called one of our biggest investments that we made in our lifetime. So, this show how important is to choose the right type of furniture for our home. When it comes to choosing type of wood, most of us prefer teak as it is regarded as one of the most durable woods ever known. It is water resistant and this means that a householder could save themselves from the hassle of safeguarding outside furniture against rain or snow fall.

With time furniture began to lose its lustre and become dull. However, with teak furniture you are not going to face such problems as teak wood do not get affected by dust and its brown colours remains intact for life long.

Features Of Teak

Teak falls under the category of hardwood and it can be obtained from tectona grandis species of tree. Most of the time we bought teak wood furniture but eventually finds that its colour is fading away with time. One of the possible reasons is customer needs to be very careful while purchasing teak as there are some similar woods that seem almost like teak when they are not. So, one needs to have a clear understanding of the characteristics of teak wood.

One of the first things that might give you an indication about its originality is its smooth grain texture. Reliable teak furniture will smell like that of leather. Original teak will not undergo any changes while coming into close contact with water as the presence of natural water keep its moisture level intact.

Difference Between Teak And Sheesham

Both teak and sheesham fall into the category of hardwoods.  There are certain points of difference between these two hardwoods. In comparison, the wood sheesham is not that durable. Although like teak, it has resistant quality but it cannot withstand the attack of beetles.

This is the area whereby teak wood can be taken as a better option than that of sheesham. It is mainly used in boat building or in skis. While buying any kind of furniture, it is recommended to check its features especially give special focus on its durability. Both teak and sheesham could allow you to lower down your maintenance cost but it depends on you to choose the one based on your requirements.

So, it can be discerned that teak, when used as furniture, is able to remove the hassle of painting it after a certain period of time. With teak you can add an aesthetic appeal to your interiors as well as exterior.

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