Your Options for Getting Your Coffee Maker Repaired

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If you are anything like me, one of the most important items in your kitchen is your coffee machine. Ours gets heavy use. The whole family likes their coffee. In the morning, it is in constant use for an hour and at the weekends gets used several times a day. Unfortunately, with use like this we tend to burn through our machines.

Normally, we go out and buy another one, but we all liked the last one we bought, so decided to have it repaired. That proved to be easier said than done.

Coffee Maker Repaired

A home repair

We could not find anyone in our town that could carry out the repair, so we looked at the idea of repairing it ourselves. There were quite a few videos and articles online, but none of us really had the necessary skills to diagnose the issue and repair it. Plus we were worried about wiring some of the components in. It only needed us to make a poor connection to turn our coffee machine into a potential fire hazard, so all in all a home repair was out.

Best Coffee Maker

Send to the manufacturer

Having determined that we would have to send the machine away to get it repaired we contacted the manufacturer. They were very helpful but they could not give us a proper quote without seeing the machine. One operator did give us a ballpark figure for replacing the heat element and cleaning the machine, but that was as much information as we could get and the price was high.

Send to an online manufacturer

Fortunately, we found repairitreuseit and they provided the solution. We got an immediate quote and it was far lower than we were expecting. All we had to do was to send them the machine and wait. At all points, we could see how the repair was progressing and we got the machine back fully repaired and all for the price quoted.

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