5 Home Renovations You Should Get Done This Year

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What home renovation projects are you planning to do this year? It is important to stay on top of home renovations to keep your home up-to-date, and to increase its value. If you are planning to sell your home, doing a few home renovations can be a great way to add value to your home and really improve its curb appeal. Here are five home renovations every homeowner should add to their to-do list this year.

House with Inclined Driveway

Kitchen Remodel

For a lot of families, the room in your home where you spend the most time is the kitchen. If you have an older looking kitchen, it is time to give it a nice facelift. Modern appliances can reduce the amount of energy your kitchen uses. They also give you kitchen a complete upgrade in the way it looks. The amount of money you spend will vary based on how much work you do on your own. If you choose to do some of the work on your kitchen, it is important to hire the right professionals for the serious work like adding plumbing features, electrical needs, and gas lines. To get started, start looking for some different kitchen remodel ideas and speak with contractors about different options for your kitchen.

Exterior Siding

One area of the home that can look dated is the exterior of the home. Exterior siding is something that can be a valid investment as it will boost the curb appeal and overall value of a home. Replacing the exterior siding with new fiber cement is a great option for anyone hoping to sell their home soon. Meet with a contractor to discuss siding options and the costs associated with siding replacement. Some people prefer to use stucco or vinyl siding to give their home a new look. It should be noted that the costs might be less, but the cheaper products may not give your home an increase in value.

Windows and Doors

A great way to help reduce the problems with energy efficiency is to start looking at replacing the windows and doors. A new entry that is 20-gauge steel can provide a nicer curb appeal to the home, and allows a homeowner to recoup at least 73% of the investment in the door. Windows will also reduce the overall energy costs and keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Potential homebuyers will be thrilled to know how efficient the windows are.

Garage Door

One project a homeowner needs to invest in is a new garage door. This is a job you need to do before the door gets older and starts having serious problems. The new door will add curb appeal to the home, and improves the function of the door. There are multiple options to choose from, many of which use less energy, and come with additional needs like security systems and lighting systems.


Do you love spending time outside? Adding a new wood deck to your home can boost the resell value. It also helps to improve the way your home looks. There are multiple decking materials homeowners can choose from instead of selecting wood. Composite decking is a popular choice; it lasts longer and is not susceptible to many of the weather issues as a wood deck.

Take advantage of the last of the warm weather and get started on a home renovation project soon.

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