6 Unique Interior Decorating Ideas

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Form Follows Function

Decorating makes use of color and design not only to present a more pleasing environment but to improve function as well. So, when decorating a home or apartment, keep those two points in mind when fashioning a space or living area.

Other Tips to Note

This means following certain precepts for making the best use of color, space, fabrics, design, and materials. First, consider the shapes of the furnishings you’ll be using. For instance, if you like to entertain but don’t have room for a rectangular table, then choose an elegant circular table. Decorating can be magic when you’re going for an illusory effect too. Make use of glass or reflective surfaces to make a space appear larger.

Hone your decorating skills to take advantage of spaces that can be used for multifunctional activities. For instance, a basement can be converted into an area for relaxing or watching TV and a guest room if a sofa bed is included in the furnishings. Use nooks and corners to your advantage as well. Even oddly configured spaces can be used for shelving or a desk. Remember, storage does not need to be confined to a closet. You can provide storage under a bed or affix hardware to a wall space for hanging lightweight, fold-up chairs.

Decorating Ideas

1. For a shabby-chic or country look, use crackle paint to age cabinetry. Go for a blue country décor by painting the doors blue and the trim white. A country gingham wallpaper in white and blue is a nice complement. Pale yellow cabinets go well with newly installed pull handles on doors and drawers. Add some rustic charm by displaying plate racks decorated with white bows that feature color-coordinated, secondhand plates.

2. Regardless of your decorating theme, including sconces in a room will add to its ambience. Sconces are not only a source of light, they can be used as wall art as well. Therefore, the shape of the sconce is influential in the play of shadow and light. Choose a painted metal sconce or one made of hand-welded steel for a brick wall. Or, if you are working with a contemporary theme, select a sconce with modernist lines and some variation in the ornamentation. Let the glow of the sconce and its artwork set the mood for the décor.

3. Design a more tranquil living area by getting rid of the clutter in your space and choosing upholstery and pillows with more soothing hues such as beige, pale green, ivory, or soft blue. A small fountain in the corner of a room is a great addition, too. Not only is the sound of the water peaceful, it also has a cooling effect when included in a summer decorating scheme.

4. Experiment with patterns to optimize the look of your living area. For instance, use stripes that run horizontally to widen and lengthen a room, and choose vertical patterns to give an area height. Utilize rich colors with an overall neutral theme and pair boldly colored walls or furnishings with played-down, neutral designs. You can hang colorful prints by creating a midline horizontally across a wall. Then hang the pictures above and below the boundary.

5. For a crafty decorating project, make a picture frame into a tray. Use pull handles on each side of the frame for easy carrying.

6. Add some stateliness to your décor by incorporating a grand chair as the focal point of your room. Include a large vase in the background to balance out the arrangement. Make sure the two pieces are colored similarly to harmonize with the smaller pieces in your space.

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