Bedroom Background Wall Decoration Ideas

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Bedroom is the most romantic place in our home. A trendy and concise bedroom background wall can be the finishing point of decoration. Background wall is the key point for bedroom decoration. Home owners can combine point, line and surface to create uniform and harmonious feeling. Using different decoration elements on the same background wall can make it rich in layering.

Bedroom Background Wall Decoration

On the color selection of bedroom background wall, harmonious and simple comes first. For people who are not familiar with color scheme, steady color will never make you regret. Green color is full of vigor and vitality. Pink is equal to soft beauty and make people happy. Green is cool and romantic. Grey or brown is elegant. Yellow is warm and welcoming. If you want to have elegant bedroom, then avoid bright color and greyish color comes at the top of your selection. For example, floral wallpaper with grey and white color is the classic match for elegant decoration.

Bedroom Background Wall Decoration

The design of bedroom background is not limited in luxury style. Concise floral background bring people warm feeling. Human portrait or scenery picture seems out of date. If you want to make your bedroom full of artistic temperament, a piece of simple abstract geometric drawing with mysterious moral can help you. Ink painting and landscape painting are common in Chinese style bedroom. A classic poetry on Chinese art paper is also a good echo to other Chinese decorations in bedroom. Soft lined iron accessories give your bedroom background wall a fresh look and impressive feeling.

Lighting is an element that home owners should use to combine with background wall for creating romantic atmosphere. Down light, wall lamp above the bedside helps home owners to lay stress on the background wall.

Bedroom Background Wall Decoration

Summary of theme for bedroom background wall

Environmental protection theme: having environmental protection as focus of decoration. People can find the healthy, natural and green on material selection, layout design, even small decoration and embellishment. Environmental protection theme decorated bedroom just like a breathable ecosystem. People have the feeling of living in natural.

Warm theme: having warm color as the main color for decoration. People can feel relax and harmonious atmosphere on details.

Concise theme: having black, white and the intermediate color of them as main color scheme. Concise design makes the space spacious. Furniture with same color shows the fashion taste of home owner.

Antique theme: based on traditional style, elaborately renovation on details makes the decoration effect more attractive. With the renovation, the traditional style is no longer rigid. Home owner’s cultural accomplishment and taste is reflected on it.

Audio visual theme: having movie and music as theme, it satisfies those people who pursuit audio visual enjoyment. Acoustical principle makes the background wall absorb noise and reflect perfect sound effect.

Artistic theme: using modern art form like calligraphy, painting, and sculpture in background wall design. Bright colored wall, light colored ground tile, lamp, curtain and furniture form relax and cheerful art atmosphere. Intersperse famous painting, handwork on the wall to match with the artistic design.

Exotic style: combining the home decoration concept of different countries together to create exotic style bedroom.

Bedroom Background Wall Decoration

Color for bedroom background wall for reference

Elegant and graceful color scheme: having rosiness and light purple as main color – light rosiness carpet; the color of sofa is darker than carpet; light purple printing curtain; rosiness or purple lampshade and lamp post; embellishing with green back cushion and plants; grey white wall paint and furniture.

Elegant and bright color scheme: having pink as main color – pink sofa and lampshade; pink printing curtain and back cushion; sandy flooring; milky wall. This color scheme is popular for girl and young married woman.

Gorgeous and fresh color scheme: having deep red, blue and gold as main color – deep red colored sofa; deep vandyke red carpet; bright beige wall paint embellished with gold, like a gilded wall lamp; finally use blue as auxiliary color.

Light and exquisite color scheme: having yellow, orange as main color – orange carpet; yellow and white printing cloth as curtain and bedspread; greyish sofa and ceiling; embellished with green plants

Soft and romantic color scheme: having soft pink as main color – red and white colored carpet, lampshade and curtain; white furniture; embellished with light blue.

Wall decal is also a good way to decorate background for both master room and nursery. There are many choices for customer on home furnishing market. If you want to have the special decoration effect of custom-made, then you can try to DIY. Recommend this article for nursery wall decals.

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